The LESS Method
On-Demand Decluttering Course

You don't need to live in the stress of constant clutter and disorganization. You can create a peaceful, decluttered home with plenty of space for the people and things that matter most! The LESS Method On-Demand will teach you a proven 4-step process to help you declutter your...

Lesson 1: Bathroom

No more cluttered countertops and drawers stuffed with free samples... This first lesson will teach you how to declutter your bathroom like a pro!

Lesson 2: Clothing

Getting dressed in the morning should NOT feel stressful. Learn to create a simplified wardrobe that makes you feel beautiful and confident!

Lesson 3: Kitchen

Adios random cords, pantry chaos, and cupboards so cluttered you'd kill to find the cheese grater. Create an organized kitchen where you can actually enjoy making meals for your family!

 Lesson 4: Paper

We're in the digital age, so why are there still piles of paper EVERYWHERE?? Learn my simple 4-step RAFT method to banish paper piles for good!

 Lesson 5: Shared Spaces

The shoes in the entryway, the hall closet that's a black hole for hats and gloves, and dear god, don't even mention the toy room. Learn how to declutter shared spaces WITH your partner and kids (without nagging or threats!)

 Lesson 6: Storage & Memorabilia

It's time to take control of the half-finished scrapbooks, old printer from 2003, and random boxes of childhood memorabilia. Learn how to create some much-needed peace in your storage areas.

You'll get unlimited access to recordings of all 6 lessons, plus downloads of my best cheatsheets and checklists to help you declutter like a pro in less time.

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