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The LESS Method Live Decluttering Course
Winter 2022
Let's make 2022
the year to clear!
You're a busy working mom & you know your home should be the one place you can relax, but...

Let me guess how you're really feeling...

Exhausted. You don't have enough time and energy to find homes for your own stuff, let alone be in charge of finding homes for everybody else's stuff. 

Guilty. You'd love your weekends to be filled with Insta-worthy episodes of family togetherness, but... you feel like you have to either be the drill sergeant ordering everybody to clean up or grit your teeth amidst the chaos while trying to "enjoy the moment." (And shocker... When you're surrounded by piles of paper and plastic trinkets, you're not really enjoying that moment...)

Resentful. You love your family and you love your career, but you're tired of struggling to get everybody on board with decluttering and  feeling like the unpaid maid in your own house.

I feel you, mama. And let me tell you from experience... Just because you're a busy woman does NOT mean your home needs to feel like chaos.

Maybe you have little ones and trying to manage toys, sippy cups, and ALL THE SOCKS feels like pushing a rock up a hill each night, only to have it roll down the next morning. 

Maybe you've got tweens and teens, and you're not sure what stresses you out more: their sassy attitudes or the fact that their room looks like a legit episode of Hoarders. (The cords! The who-knows-what under the beds! And that darned science fair volcano they're STILL not ready to part with yet... )

Maybe you're an empty-nester and you thought that with the kids out of the house you'd finally have enough time to declutter all the things. But for whatever reason that free time keeps not showing up...

You manage a career and a home. Yet every night when you walk in the door and see the random schtuff piled on the dining room table you wonder...  

Is this work/life balance thing even real??
You're not alone. Many working moms (including me) have been where you are. 

So if you're drowning in stuff and looking for a way out... let me help you create more open spaces in your life this year!

Join the 6-week LESS Method LIVE decluttering course and let's make 2022 the year to clear!

I've helped hundreds of working moms just like you create calm, peaceful homes they actually want to live in. As a fire-tested triplet mama with a background in teaching, I'll guide you toward your decluttered home with simple, practical, step-by-step tools


We'll get your family on board and create simplicity habits & organizing systems, so you can keep your home calm and clutter-free long after the course is over. (No going back to the chaos!) 

 And we'll do it all without nagging, threats, or giving your kids up for adoption.

Here's how we'll do this together in 6 weeks...

We'll get together on Zoom every Sunday night for a live LESSon (get it? ) to set our weekly goal. Can't attend live? No worries! All sessions are recorded.

Downloadable access to my best cheatsheets and checklists, room-by-room, to help you and your family declutter like total pros.

We'll host a friendly before/better contest each week. Plus we'll meet up regularly to celebrate successes, ask questions, and cheer each other on in our private Facebook

group. (Not on FB? You'll get email support!)

"Being part of Rose's online course has been LIFE-CHANGING. Since having kids, toys, clothes, and papers had overtaken our house. I really feel like I've been given my life back."

- Michelle, LESS Method grad

What you'll learn...

No more cluttered countertops and drawers stuffed with free samples... We're kicking off the course by decluttering your bathroom like a pro!

Getting dressed in the morning should NOT feel stressful. This week we'll create a simplified wardrobe of clothes that make you feel beautiful and confident!

Adios random cords, pantry chaos, and cupboards so cluttered you'd kill a man to find the cheese grater. This week we're creating an organized kitchen where you can actually enjoy making meals for your family!

We're in the digital age, so why are there still piles of paper EVERYWHERE? No sweat, mama! This week, you'll learn my simple 4-step RAFT method to help you banish those paper piles for good!

The shoes in the entryway, the hall closet that's basically a black hole for hats and gloves, and dear god, don't even mention the toy room. This week you'll learn how to declutter shared spaces WITH your partner and kids (without nagging or threats!)

It's time to take control of the half-finished scrapbooks, old printer from 2003, and random boxes of baby memorabilia. We'll close the course with a fun Storage Wars challenge to create some much-needed peace in your storage areas.

I would be remiss if I sent you out into the world with a decluttered home and no maintenance skills! We'll get together one last time for a special BONUS Week 7 class to help you keep your home calm and clutter-free. There's no going back to the chaos!

"Rose's course was a life-saver for this absent-minded professor and ADHD spouse!" 

- Heather & Carl, working parents + LESS Method grads

You'll also have access to exclusive interviews with simplicity experts including...
Have we met? I'm Rose!

About 10 years ago I was living the busy life of a middle school teacher with toddler triplets. (Yes, you heard that right!) But the biggest struggle in my life wasn’t my work or my kids… it was my stuff. As I started letting go of all the things I didn’t need or love, I discovered some amazing gifts: free time, peace of mind, and clarity. I now devote my life to helping other women create more space for joy, balance, and mental freedom in their lives through simplicity. I’ve been featured several news outlets. But my most important credential is that I’ve done this myself. And I can help you do it, too!

As seen on:

"The peace of mind that resulted from this course was well worth the time and money!"

- Emily, LESS Method grad
Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the course start?

The fun kicks off on Sunday, Jan 23 and goes through Sunday, March 6. Live sessions are Sunday nights at 8pm Eastern Standard Time, but no worries if you can't make it live. Everything is recorded so you can learn on your own time.

Do I need to be on Facebook?

Nope! All our live calls are on Zoom and all the replays and resources are on ThriveCart Learn, so you'll have 100% access to all the course content, even if you don't join the Facebook group.

I'm not a working mom... Can I still join?

Absolutely yes! If you want to declutter your life for yourself and those you love, we'd love to have you! We welcome stay-at-home moms, empty-nest moms, dog/cat/houseplant moms, and of course, everybody's favorite... grandmoms!

I've tried decluttering before and it didn't work... how do I know this will help me?

There's a reason I teach this course LIVE! Many online decluttering programs offer pre-recorded content with little to no interaction with the instructor - a surefire path to decluttering failure! As a former classroom teacher, I have the teaching skills and passion for interacting live with students. I've designed this course with step-by-step instructions, accountability, fun, and LIVE teaching to give you the greatest chance at success!

I'm embarrassed about the state of my house... do I have to share photos?

Sharing before/better photos is completely up to your comfort level. One thing I've found, though... once someone shares a photo of their home, everyone else breathes a sigh of relief because they can always relate! I am strict about my course being a 100% judgement-free zone. We are there to support each other, not judge each other. So we will support you no matter what you decide to share or not share.

This seems like a lot to do in 6 weeks... what if I can't keep up?

My goal is to help you make decluttering PROGRESS each week. And in my course, we celebrate all progress, no matter how big or small. Some weeks you might have more time to devote to decluttering than others. That's normal! Whether you declutter one small drawer or an entire room, we'll cheer you on!

Do I have access to the videos after the class is over?

Yes! You'll have lifetime access to all class recordings so you can watch and rewatch to your heart's content.

What if I'm unhappy with the course?

I'd never want you to be unhappy! That's why I offer a 2-class guarantee. If show up live (or watch the replays) of 2 classes and aren't satisfied, contact me for a full refund. (After our Week 3 class, there will be no more refunds.)  

"Rose’s course truly changed my life! It's made SUCH a difference in my home & my peace of mind. It's also drastically reduced the amount of things I buy. If you're feeling overwhelmed... like your stuff is just all too much, you owe it to yourself to check this out. Signing up was one of the best decisions I've made for myself in a long time!

- Lori, mom + entrepreneur 

Are you ready, mama? Let's do this!

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The LESS Method has a 2-class guarantee. We ask that you attend the first 2 live classes (or watch the replays) and share before/better photos for those weeks either in the Facebook group or by email with Rose. If you've done that and then determine that the LESS Method is not for you, please contact us for a full refund. (After the Week 3 class there will be no refunds.)
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